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Difference between Cost accounting and Throughput accounting

Before jumping into the parlance of cost accounting and throughput accounting, let’s first understand the difference between financial accounting and management accounting:

Financial Accounting is the process of compiling and presenting activities carried out by an organization in a defined accounting period.


DryFlowers( Gained timeless beauty from disorder)

Like most industries, the automotive industry is hard hit by the vagaries of the economy. And, just like the economy, the automotive business goes through cycles of highs and lows. During a boom, sales go up and during a downturn, the sales plummet. Curiously, the former is always accompanied by…

Our beliefs

‘Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think’

— Buddha

In the above quote, Buddha meant to say that we make our life based upon what we think(or believe) as actions are guided by our thinking.

Beliefs formations:

Many researchers have pointed out that…

Mohit Saini

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